DB IT Support

 Home and Small Business

IT Support and Repairs

 for Rendlesham and surrounding area

For the Home

Your Privacy and data security are assured

 Smartphone/Tablet - repairs

                                 - Screen Replacment

                                 - Setup help 

                                 - App advice and setup

                                 - Security/Privacy advice and setup

PC and Laptop         - Virus/Malware removal and data recovery

                                 - Internet security advice and setup 

                                 - Routine clean up and performance enhancment 

                                 - Secure data deletion and hard drive disposal

                                 - Software instalation and setup 

Wi-Fi and Router      - Setup help 

                                 - connection issue help

Printers                    - Setup and advice 

                                - Repairs


PC/Laptop Security

            - Kaspersky

Malware/Virus tools

            - Malwarebytes


            - Cleaner WiseCare 365

            - Software Updater Ninite

Remote Support

            - TeamViewer